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Robert Kaleo Fahey (Bob), when not on the road, divides his time between O'ahu Hawai'i & the Black Hills of South Dakota.  He started playing guitar at the age of 12. Bob spent 15 years on the road with various touring rock bands before returning to the Black Hills in 1989 to raise a family. For the next twelve years Bob’s smoldering vocals and searing slide guitar were a driving force behind some of Rapid City’s most popular bands.  Bob has opened up for various artists including Albert King, The Doobie Brothers, Tommy Bolin, The Allman Brothers, Alice Cooper, Roy Rogers and Little Feat. He has been featured on PBS backing up A.C. Reed. Performing in venues from coffee houses, Fine Arts Centers & Arenas to the World Famous Buffalo Chip Campgroud. Bob has twice headlined opening night of the Chandler Jazz Festival in Chandler Arizona. The largest Jazz festival in Arizona. He describes his music as “contemporary blues Americana” and has been influenced by such artists as J.J. Cale, Keb Mo', Roy Rogers (Blues Guitarist).Robert Cray, and Robert Johnson. Bob is most notably known as a Blues/Americana Solo Artist. But, he is often working with other players from a duo format to a 9 piece band with horns. One of his favorite groups to perform with is Tres Guitarras. A trio that performs in the Phoenix Arizona area fusing three guitars styles together, Flamenco (Chris Burton Jacome'), Jazz (Stan Sorenson) & Blues (Bob Fahey). Bob is endorsed as a Bedell Guitars Artist & currently records out of Will Wallers Sanctuary Studio in the Black Hills. He has toured extensively throughout North America, Canada & Mexico.


 Bob Fahey and his band Nice ‘n Nasty headlined the blues night of the 18th annual Chandler Jazz and Blues festival on 3/31/17. Bob and his band performed one of the most exciting, artistic, and varied sets the festival ever presented. Most of the band traveled from South Dakota to Chandler, Arizona for the event and were true professionals from the moment they arrived until the sad day of their departure. I absolutely recommend Bob as either a solo musician or with his entire Nice ‘n Nasty band. They will be a major addition to any event!
Bart Salzman,
Artistic Director and founder,
Chandler Jazz and Blues Festival,
Chandler, Arizona 

October 26, 2016 
I recommend Blues guitarist Bob Fahey for your presented concert series or festival. We have been fortunate to present Bob for the last two years as part of our summer concert series. He performed with the group "Tres Guitarras." The performance exceeded presenter expectations and he was delightful to work with. The performance was well received by our patrons with many asking us to, "Bring him back again." 
 As the programming director in Chandler for the last 17 years I recommend this artist. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Michelle Mac Lennan 
General Manager 
Chandler Center for the Arts 
Chandler Arizona 

 Robert Kaleopu'uwai Fahey is a shining example of what happens when excellent musicianship, engaging performance persona and a truly beautiful soul collide in one human being. I would recommend "Roberto" to any venue based on the performances I've had the pleasure to be on stage with him. He treats everyone respectfully, has a very positive energy and brings his whole environment to a happier place just being around him.   
Bring Bob Fahey to your community, you will be ecstatic that you did! 

Chris Jacome' 
Musical Director  
Jacome' Flamenco

Blues guitarist Bob Fahey is soon to become part of your life, you just don’t know it yet. His look, his sound, his soul is a great mash up of cultures and influences. With his voice, Fahey can shout with the best of the blues boys, yet bring the emotional level down to hit just the right vocal styles on the sweet stuff. On guitar, he soars with the blues rock feel, and then when he lets his slide side loose, just hang on for the ride. He is an exceptional guitarist, an engaging performer, and a creative global citizen. There is no pretense in his performance. Fahey makes a genuine connection to each person in the room. It feels good, like seeing your childhood friend turned out to be a great guitarist. Fahey has worked professionally in the music business in the upper Great Plains beginning in the 1970s. Initially, Fahey was a rhythm player and lead singer. Then he decided to step into the spotlight. Fahey became a first rate lead guitarist with slide guitar as his forte. His guitar and vocal expertise has now taken him many places in the U.S. and around the world. Fahey is a very positive, high energy person and you will get to experience his contagious love of music first hand. Let your inner blues flag fly with your new best friend, Bob Fahey, at a concert venue near you. 

Darla Drew Rapid City Councilwoman 
Former Entertainment Director Dahl Fine Arts Center 
Rapid City, S.D.